Susan diRende reads from her memoir, My Vagabond Year at the opeing of Art Is a Living Thing, a group retrospective of art created by residents of the New Zealand Pacific Studios Artist Residency Centre from 2001-2016 at the Aratoi Museum in Masterton, NZ.

Girl Story Erasures - 1

Found a book in a second-hand store here in NZ for girls in the 1970s. Had to mess with the text. This is my first erasure poem ever taken from the first story in the book, Adventure Stories for Girls.

Posture with Voltaire

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The idea originated out of another project of daily miniature paintings, experiencing how it fueled the creative process and sense of artistic accomplishment free of considerations of brand, marketing, sales, or public recognition. The process became joyful and revitalizing.

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I go to the canvas or the computer to find what I didn’t know was in me.
— Susan diRende