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I structure my presentations, workshops, and readings so that they can be adapted to the specific participants who attend. In addition, my lifelong study and practice of humor means that I can make the process fun as well as enlightening. A recent reading at Olympic College included a class with creative writing students that the president of the college praised for how it inspired the students. And another talk at George Washington University was described by the Vice President for Academic Innovation as the best illustration for international students of the need to shift their understanding of classroom culture in US higher education. Whether you have a group interested in improving writing or public speaking skills, in learning the keys to comedy, or want a speaker who can address issues in education and the arts, contact me to see if I can tailor a program to your needs. For Bookings, please Get In Touch ...


what the funny?!

"It is a very serious thing to be a funny woman"

Feminist humor is not an oxymoron. All female humor is feminist, because all female humor takes over the body of the audience/reader when it triggers a laugh. It isn't just different in that a woman is making the jokes. Women's humor in general has a different shape from the guys' in what I call the "multiple-orgasm model" that is as different from Aristotle's as lipstick is from a hockey stick. (title quote by the 19th Century humorist,  Frances 'Berry" Whitcher)